Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Year in Review

The following dozen posts review the activities and classes we've held over the past 12 months. We hope you'll browse through them and give us feedback in the comments section. You can comment anonymously (though we hope you'll at least give us your first name and last initial) or if you have a google account, you can sign in and use that so we'll know who you are. You can also send us an email at westlandwelfare [at] gmail [dot] com (minus the spaces and using "@" and "." in place of the words).

Please don't be put off by the lack of photos. We hope to improve and may add photos to these posts or create separate posts with hotos for some of the activities from the past year.

Please give us your feedback so we can learn what will best help you with your food storage.

Thank you for your support over this past year. We sincerely appreciate it.

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