Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bread and Samples in July 2009

Our efforts this month began with a Relief Society Enrichment Meeting devoted to food storage. The Relief Society board planned most of it and the food storage people contributed by helping with information and displays. An important part of the meeting was sampling foods sisters had made from their food storage. Displays included 3 month supply; water; grains; grinders; and varieties of storage methods.

Later in July we had two meetings in which different sisters showed bread-making techniques. Julie G. demonstrated using a Bosch mixer. Jill S. showed us how to make bread by hand, including heat-and-serve rolls. We learned how to make both flour and corn tortillas, and Janni O. demonstrated several storage methods for wheat.

Were these meetings helpful to you? Have you made bread? Did the enrichment meeting encourage you to make progress with your food storage?

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  1. It is shocking to me that this was a year ago! I loved the rolls and making tortillas. I must say I am much better at making the rolls than the tortillas. I tried unsuccessfully twice. I MAY try again....