Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seasonings and Our Own Food Storage Resource Manual in September 2009

At our first meeting of the month we learned about organizing our food storage resources. Lois M. showed us her food storage binder, organized by category, which she uses as her own personal resource manual. Janni O. taught us how to make yogurt and yogurt cheese.

On September 16 & 17, Rebecca A. shared her knowledge of herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of foods, an especially helpful thing to know if we ever have to live on only our stored foods.

This month we put together a bulk order of herbs and spices at wholesale prices. Sisters ordered as little as 2 ounces or as much as a pound of dozens of different herbs and spices.

Did you organize your food storage information into a manual like Lois'? Has it been helpful? Did you try your hand at some new seasonings for your food? Did you place an order with the bulk herb/spice order? Did you like the herbs/spices you received?

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