Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bean Month in November 2009

We proclaimed November “Westland Ward Bean Month” and invited ward members to accept either of two challenges: 1) eat beans once a week for the month, or 2) try a new bean recipe every week. During the month we provided a price comparison chart for different kinds of beans from different stores; a nutrient profile for dried cooked beans; and a cooking chart for a variety of beans.

Because the class on November 5 was cancelled, our only meeting for the month, on November 17, was our Westland Ward Bean Fair. We opened the meeting with a bean bag toss in which everyone told something they knew (or didn’t know) about beans and/or a bean story, memory, or experience. Janni O. and our stake food storage specialist taught us about types of beans and how to store, pick, cook, and can beans. We had samples of a variety of beans for attendees to taste. We also invited ward members to bring a bean dish to share so we could try out different beans and recipes. Many contributed their recipes so that we could make them available to ward members. We had a judge who chose “the best” of several different varieties of foods made with beans and we awarded prizes. We also took orders and payments for a “Bean Run” to the storehouse, bringing back many pounds of beans, dividing them, and making them available for ward members. Looking back, we think this was probably the most successful meeting of the year.

On November 19th, the focus of our activity was “A Food Storage Christmas.” We made Christmas gifts from our food storage. Several sisters showed us how to make the gifts look beautiful for gift-giving.

Beans! Did you attend the Bean Fair? Did you learn anything new about beans? Did you accept either of the challenges for the month? Do you regularly cook with beans these days?

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