Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Healthy Snacks from Your Food Storage"

We met for "Healthy Snacks from Your Food Storage" on Wednesday, July 21, and Thursday, July 22, 2010. If you wanted to come but weren't able, here's part of what you missed. (And we missed you!)

Chasten R. shared some ideas and tips about choosing and making healthy snacks for our families and ourselves. In her home their children choose what they want for breakfast and lunch (within reason), but eat what is served at dinner. The children can eat fruits and vegetables whenever and however much they want (but are still expected to eat a full meal). In their pantry they keep a snack basket with foods like popcorn, trail mix, fresh peanuts, raisins, etc. The children must ask permission before eating from the snack basket.

Read labels. She doesn't like to eat prepared foods when she doesn't know what the foods listed on the label are. When you read a label, the ingredient with the highest quantity is listed first, the least ingredient listed last.

Chasten had samples of and recipes for granola, graham crackers, granola bars, Hawaiian bread, and power bars. Chasten's daughter, Cora, demonstrated how to make peanut butter balls, which we sampled.

Resources for her presentation came from Wheat Cookin' Made Easy by Pam Crockett and from Super Healthy Kids. I think her sisters also offered some ideas and her children and some of their friends sampled, reviewed, and gave suggestions for changes to some of the snacks she tried.

Several other people brought snacks to share. You can find many of the recipes from this activity below this post.

BIG THANKS to Chasten and Cora for their time and effort in planning, preparing, and sharing their expertise.

If you came to one of the meetings, is there anything you remember that wasn't included in this post? Did you try any of the recipes?

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