Friday, February 11, 2011

Substitutions: Dairy Products & Liquids in Baking

Instead of ...

  • use 1 tablspeoon vinegar + enough milk to make a cup (if the recipe calls for a cup)

  • cheese
  • use sharp cheddar cheese in cooking; you ned a lot less for the same amount of flavor

  • cottage cheese
  • use yogurt to replace all or part in baked goods

  • cream cheese
  • use an equal amount of yogurt in cheesecake

  • evaporated milk
  • fresh milk + enough powdered milk to make the consistency of evaporated milk. Probably not best to use in a recipe where evaporated milk is the main ingredient. It works in pumpkin pies.

  • milk
  • powdered milk for baking (or drinking)

  • sour cream
  • yogurt in equal amount in cakes, breads, cookies
  • mix cottage cheese in the blender to make a good sour cream substitute

  • water
  • diet 7-Up or Sprite in Jell-o

  • liquid in baking
  • use whey drained from yogurt (It may change the texture of crust on bread.)

    liquid ingredients in a brownie mix
  • use 1 can black beans mashed or 1 1/2 can home-cooked black beans mashed (This is the only addition to the mix.)
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